Sketching for Architecture

Laurence King Publishing

Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design, by Stephanie Travis, is a 128-page step-by-step guide aimed at design students wanting to master the art of sketching.

Beautifully illustrated by the author, it came packed with forty-five practical exercises and detailed guidance on tools, line weights, perspective, shading and context (among others). The real test of TwoSheds’ design abilities stemmed from the restriction that it was to be printed in two colours only.

Unperturbed, we simply changed the text colour from black to blue. This left the illustrations in black, thus bringing them to the fore without visually detracting from the typography. Pacing was provided by new chapters headings which used opening spreads in blue, bleeding from the page, with white-out-of-blue text and sample sketches in black.

Text detail
Text spread
Circle detail

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