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Alder Grimes Gooderham

AG&G are one of the UK’s leading chartered surveyors, specialising in pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. We were approached to breathe new life into their corporate literature, bringing it up to date.

We designed a new brochure to highlight the scope of AG&G’s business and their broad reach across the city of London.

Our concept was based on a menu lightbox, with bold lettering to catch the eye. Influenced by old menu boards, this evokes the firm’s heritage as an estate agent for London cafes.

A striking centre-fold reveals a stunning panorama of the city, illustrating the scale of AG&G’s operation in the capital.

This bold contemporary design re-affirms their status as a major player in the licensed leisure sector.

A little light reading for prospective customers and clients alike.

Opening spread
Spread detail
Throwout spread
London detail